Re: Re: Lesson 10

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work.

I really like seeing you experiment with all of these different design elements. Each of your photographs changes dramatically in their use of pattern, line, shape, color and other compositional elements.

With this image you’re experimenting with the design element of a frame within a frame. You’ve effectively used the two trees on both sides of the frame to help limit your area of focus. The trees act as negative space and help you draw your audience’s eyes into the center of the composition.

In the center of the composition you’ve used depth and lines as your primary design elements. We have a sense of context because of the objects within the frame. This helps communicate story to us.

The biggest challenge with this photograph was getting your different layers to interact within one another pleasantly. For example, I notice you didn’t let the right side of the statue bleed too much into the trees to the right. This would have caused a blurring of objects since both are composes of the same color. Keeping your objects separated was critical and you’ve done a great job of that.

Your attention to the 4 walls of your frame also doesn’t go unnoticed. Very clean edges. Great work!