Re: Re: Lesson 10: Assignment – Landscape or Cityscape

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Charity,

Thanks for submitting your assignment!

You’ve chosen to shoot a landscape photograph with a straggly old dead tree as the most prominent element in the frame.

I like what you’ve chose to do here and you’ve got most of the elements in line to make for a nice photo.

In fact it’s a decent photo now.

Some things you could have done to improve this image are as follows:

Time of Day
For an image like this (or really any image) if you want the colors to really pop you should should shoot around magic hour. On a cloudy day like this at this time of day the colors are quite muted although the light is diffuse.


1: The dynamic range of this image is such that the tree (and the ground) are so dark that the sky is a little blown out. Shooting at a different time of day may have produced a more even dynamic range.

2: I like that you’ve tried to incorporate foreground, midground, and background elements but be careful they don’t overlap too much.

3: If you want to isolate and focus on the tree getting lower down would help as well.

Overall you’ve done a pretty good job on this one. Although there is always room for improvement.

Happy Holidays!