Re: Re: Lesson 10- landscaping

Duncan Rawlinson

It’s great watching your progression as a photographer. This is a great image. It’s one of your best. One thing I love about your work is that you’re brave with larger areas and you’re great at using depth, lines and composition. You’ve been doing a great job of using strong foreground elements and this is really helping with your composition.

I also love how you’re experimenting with height and perspective. It’s without question, the easiest thing to change, yet it’s also one of the most common under-explored elements of photography. It’s engaging simply because it’s so unusual for the audience to see from that perspective.

In this black and white photograph you’ve done a great job with both your composition and the tonal range. You haven’t stripped the image of it’s texture to find get the dark blacks and the bright whites. You’re exposure is very nature and yet you’ve still found those pockets of blackness and brightness. Beautiful!

My only concern with the image is that your horizon line is not straight. It’s less noticeable than your last photograph of the cliff, but it’s noticeable nonetheless. It’s not necessarily wrong, but it should be done for a reason if you’re going to tilt your camera that way. I feel in this case, it looks a bit accidental.

Other than that, this is a wonderful image. Great job!