Re: Re: Lesson 10

Duncan Rawlinson

My initial reaction to this shot was “wow”. This is your best shot to date in our student HUB. Everything from your composition, horizon placement, focus and colors are amazing.

Most importantly however, you’ve created a beautiful picture with a lot of information in it. It’s much easier to create a stunning macro photograph than it is to create a beautiful and well composed landscape photo. The reason being is that there is so much information in landscape pictures you need to find a way to properly organize it all. It’s the process of taking chaos and turning it into order. Arguably, one of the most challenging photographic tasks. You’ve managed to do a great job of it in this picture.

Secondly, I love the layers in this photograph. Often, landscape photographs can be dull or “flat” because they only focus on one layer (usually just the background). However, the other layers (i.e. foreground and mid-ground) are equally as important to consider. The mountains in the background are beautiful but using multiple layers gives the viewer a sense of space and makes them feel like they are part of your picture.

What’s unique about your photograph is that you’ve actually used a contrasting subject to use against nature. You’re hot air balloons are in stark contrast to the natural wonders in the background. Visual contrast like this in photographs is a great way to engage your audience in your work. It’s not just a “pretty picture” anymore. It’s a story. It’s something to think about.

My only recommendation would have been to use a polarizing lens or a gradual filter. It would have made your sky a little more dynamic and “loud”. It may have also helped to underexpose the shot just slightly to help add some contrast to the mountains and the clouds. It would have also made the sky slightly more of a blue hue.

Anyway, It’s a beautiful shot. As you’re nearing the end of the course you’re really progressing as a photographer. Great work!