Re: Re: Lesson 11

Duncan Rawlinson


Welcome back. My name is Duncan Rawlinson and I’m running this course now.

I see what you’ve done here and you’ve done what most people simply cannot do!

Most people kind of go crazy when they get access to the power of photoshop. They make things look totally unrealistic and do ridiculous things with their work.

You have taken a more subtle and corrective approach and I applaud you for this.

Photoshop is a VERY powerful tool. You can do incredible things with it but as a photographer I would like to see you continue to do such subtle adjustments to your real photographs.

Oh and finally I think your adjustments improved the image.

This is hard photograph to shoot. It’s difficult because the sun is well, the sun, and the foreground is very dark. The dynamic range is beyond what current cameras can capture.

That said you’ve done well here on this assignment.

I look forward to your next submission.

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I use the newsletter to post updates about the course and pretty much all the students are on the list now.