Re: Re: Lesson 11

Duncan Rawlinson

Another stunning photograph. I can’t believe the difference in your work over the last little while. Your work at the beginning was amazing but it highlighted what you can do with simplicity and a lot of negative space. There is nothing wrong with that at, but these last two photographs show your confidence and ability to organize complex photographs into beautiful pieces of art.

You’ve done exactly what was asked of you in this assignment. You’ve slightly manipulated the colors to enhance certain parts of the photograph. You’re choice in choosing to highlight the greens was brilliant. The color change looks very natural but adds a certain vibrancy to the photograph which looks appealing from a viewer’s standpoint.

Again, this photograph uses great color simplicity and composition. These things seem to becoming second nature to you.

My only recommendation for this photograph is that on the left hand wall you’ve cut off a bit of a sculpture. I would say either include the whole thing, or get rid of it all together. Maybe even get rid of that little house that’s there as well.

My other recommendation would be to watch for “blown out” whites. The white part of the water on the bottom frame is “blown out”. There is no details in it. You’re camera couldn’t handle the varying tones so it had to make a compromise and it overexposed that part of the water (also be careful of this with skies). It would have helped make the greens a little more vibrant and it may have helped with the water over exposure if you turned down the exposure a bit. Alternatively you could have changed your composition not to include the overexposed water section.

But overall, great work!