Re: Re: Lesson 11

Duncan Rawlinson

Again, another great shot. The cool filter gives the photograph a look of the morning. Generally the color of light is more blue in the mornings and more orange at night. The filter causes a very subtle effect and doesn´t take away from the overall feel of your picture.

Most importantly, your composition in this shot is wonderful. You haven´t cut anything off with the walls of your photograph and all objects are neatly placed within your photo. It´s also wonderful to see that you´ve used the s-line as one of your primary objects in this photograph. It gives the composition a very soothing and relaxing feel. There is also great color organization in this picture and the bright blue sky mixed with the green landscape causes and interesting dramatic feel to the picture.

My only recommendation would have been to duck down and include more of the ground and less of the sky. Your horizon line is almost perfectly center, and in order to abide by the rule of thirds it should be either moved up a bit or down a bit. I´m guessing that the ground is more interesting than the sky on this day so you should have included slightly more ground.

Other than that, great work!