Re: Re: Lesson 11 -Digital Darkroom (Redo)

Duncan Rawlinson


How are you doing?!

I can tell these are instantly better than this.

Here is what I like about what you’ve done here. You’ve taken your computer’s software and you have modified your images in such a way that the final product is superior to the original. Now that’s not as easy as it sounds so you have certainly completed the assignment.

Even though you’ve simply added a vignette filter of some kind and a sepia filter I think you understand the point. It’s to improve your images using computer software. It’s not about doctoring them or faking them or adding things that aren’t there, unless thats what you’re into.

What’s more, you’ve completed several different versions of the same image.

This is nice. It could be a little more subtle but I like it

Good job Fred.

Take a moment and look at how this compares to your last submission for this assignment.

Thank you.