Re: Re: lesson 12

Duncan Rawlinson

Lynnie W!!!

You’ve done an excellent job putting together a portfolio online.

I would recomend adding captions to the photographs if possible.

Also fill out the “about” page a little more. Tell us about who you are. Why you like to take pictures…

Add a little personality.

This image is quite stunning.

This image is delightful:

I would remove this photograph:

It’s slightly out of focus and doesn’t really fit the theme of this ‘album’

I’m very proud of the work you have achieved to date. You should also be proud of what you have achieved.

I’m hoping you continue to be a part of the community here.

Just a note, I was recently informed that the “final exam” is not functioning.

I’m not sure what happened but don’t do the final exam until we’ve been in touch.