Re: Re: Lesson 12

Duncan Rawlinson

Great job putting your portfolio together.

I see that you’ve used SmugMug. They’re great but having a pro account on there is really what you want. Have you upgraded to a pro/paid account yet?

I like that there are only a few photos in the gallery. Less is more sometimes!

The first thing I noticed was the photo of you.

I was expecting to see portraits (photos of people) when I clicked on that but it wast just one photo of you.

So I would remove the self shot for now. Maybe include it in a group of portraits?

Also, it’s a good idea to separate black and white and color photos.

You may want to feature the photos of kids because they’re really great.

Keep working on your portfolio of images and the key is to have fun with it.

Share the website with family, friends, and anyone you’d think might be interested!

Get their feedback as well.

Also, are you on twitter? If not you should be!

Add your name to the list so we can connect there.

Also, did you submit a photo for the contest this month? If not you should! It’s fun and you have a pretty good chance of winning!