Re: Re: Lesson 2

Duncan Rawlinson

Thanks for your assignment.

This has take much longer to get critiqued than it normally should. There was the break and then it took a few days for things to get back to normal her on the website. Anyway things are back to normal around here and should be much smoother now.

I would caution you to not romanticize black and white photographs too much. There is certainly a time and a place for black and white photography but often people get caught in the b&w nature of the image. Many times a photograph is simply a great photograph regardless of it’s color or lack of color.

Often many of the historic black and white photographs shot in the past have made the rounds because they’re great photos, not because they are black and white.

In other words it’s easy to think they are good because they are black and white when they’re just good.

What is that expression, beating a dead horse or something… Yeah so I just did that… 😳 Anyway, don’t get caught up in the sexiness of black and white photography. It is very hard to do really well as you will learn in later lessons in the course.

I appreciate that you really took the time here to find out what you like and who you like.

Sally Mann has some absolutely remarkable images.

I also like that you have a unique perspective here.

You’ve done really well on this and I’ll be happy to see you on the next assignment.

Thank you.

*runs off to buy some candy cigarettes*