Re: Re: Lesson 2 Assignment

Duncan Rawlinson

Thanks for sending in this thoughtful and well put together assignment.

It’s a bit counterintuitive but getting people to think about what inspires them in photography and who inspires them does several things. For one it gets people excited about photography. I reminds people why they even like photography in the first place because this assignment forces them to think about it.

This assignment also make you focus (pardon the punn) on what interests you in photography. That way if you know you like sports photography than you can practice and go through the course learning and shooting sports photos.

So you’ve done very very well here at not only putting this together but isolating your area of interest and passion in photography.

I was not familiar with the work of Walter Iooss but he has some remarkable photographs and I had undoubtedly seen his work in countless magazines.

For anyone reading this in the future his website is here:

Nice job here and I will see you on the next assignment.