Re: Re: Lesson 2: Assignment Title: Inspiration


I saw your response and I Have seen This photographers photos i was never really into them shows alot of sad emotions and i dont think anyone likes seeing there kid Cry. How they get there kids to make these emotions seems kinda curious to what they have to do to get these faces, be mean or what? Its sad to see but i like how each kid has a different way of expressing there sad feelings through there face.

As for my photography i get soo many customers and i always get compliments on my work im not used to taking random pictures of nothing but i like taking pictures of people.

As for My son taking pictures himself if thats what you meant he loves to take pictures like me i let him use the camera and At a family reunion he Took the Camera around for hours on end taking pictures of everyone at age 3 and they came out pretty good i can say besides the fact alot where pointing up because hes so little but he def has a eye for photography.
thanks for your feedback non offensive in any way everyone gots there own opinion 😉