Re: Re: lesson 2:my inspiration

Duncan Rawlinson

Very well said. This assignment wasn’t about showcasing what “famous” photographers you know. Instead it was meant to make you think deeply about what subject you’re interested in within the realm of art photography.

As you mentioned in your essay, your sister-in-law has an eye for great nature and landscape photographs. You’ve also mentioned you love just walking around the city and taking pictures of people and architecture. This assignment was meant to get you thinking about those things and you’ve highlighted some of your particular areas of interest within your essay.

I think you’ll find as you continue your journey as a photographer that you’ll be better able to articulate what the “thing” is you love capturing in nature. You’ll start to realize what it is about the brilliant colors in the sky at sunset that you adore. You’ll start to think about the philosophies behind the creators of the architecture you admire and you’ll slowly start to develop an artistic philosophy or “voice” of your own.

Best of luck continuing down this path and thank you for sharing this essay with us.