Re: Re: lesson 3

Duncan Rawlinson

both shots are innovative and unique ideas. Let me begin by talking about your helicopter shot. For starters you’ve show your skill with the camera and were able capture the movement of the helicopter propellers without causing any noticeable blur in the helicopter itself. In fact, I think you could have slowed your shutter speed slightly more to possibly capture more of the movement in the propellers. But what you’ve accomplished is great! Most importantly you’ve organized your photograph in such a way that it is simple and well composed. You’ve limited the assortment of colors that come into your photography and you put your horizon line on the bottom third of the photograph. Very well done.

Your second photograph also meets the criteria of this assignment. You’ve effectively blurred the background to help isolate yoru main subject. Not only that, but you’ve used an quicker shutter speed to capture the stillness of the ever changing shape of the bubble. And you’ve composed your main subjects face within the bubble. It seems that composition is coming quite naturally to you.

Most impressive with these two photographs is that you were required to take photographs that were dependent on quick thinking and snap judgements (i.e. a helicopter landing + bubble bursting). You’ve done a great job of capturing the decisive moment.

I look forward to seeing your next assignments.