Re: Re: Lesson 3

Duncan Rawlinson

Both of these photographs are very well done. You’ve captured exactly what was asked of you for this assignment. You were supposed to freeze (or show motion) in an object and you did that with your flag. Secondly, you were supposed to isolate your object using a shallow depth of field and you’ve done that perfectly with your wildlife photograph. Great job.

From a technical standpoint you’ve done a great job on both of these shots. However, from an artistic standpoint you could have played around a little bit more with your composition. Both of your subjects, in both pictures are located in the exact center of the frame. Photographs with the main object in the center generally lack the dramatic feeling that more informally balanced shots have. Try composing your shot to abide by the rule of thirds and the golden mean (to be discussed in your next lecture). This will help add a less balanced more interesting look to your photographs.

The general composition of both shots is very well done. It’s just that the centered main points of interest take away from the photographs in my opinion. But other than that your composition is very good. You’ve managed to simplify your photographs by using a limited array of object and colors. This is very difficult to do when shooting outdoors.

Secondly, the area around the 4 walls of your photograph are clean of any distractions or unnecessary secondary elements. This helps gives your photographs an organized and simplified look.

Great job on this assignment, just remember to think about the rule of thirds in your composition!

All the best.