Re: Re: Lesson 3

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Hi Hi!

Thanks for posting another assignment. I can see why you had trouble on your first image.

I hate to do this to people but the difficulty you had in this assignment was by design. It forces you to think about the amount of light entering your camera’s lens.

With slow shutter speeds needed to capture motion there can’t be too much light. So either you knock down the light using say neutral density filters or you shoot in more forgiving environment.

Notice how bright the environment is where you are shooting here. It would be very challenging to create the illusion of motion here without ND filters.

I’d like you to try and re-shoot this one.

This time either shoot in more forgiving light or pick up an ND filter for your setup.

Take a look at this article on exposure and give this one another go.

You can just reply and repost it here.

Here is a video that will help you understand this exact thing even better.

No worries if you don’t want to though. There are no solid rules here it’s more about having fun. So if something isn’t fun or interesting for you don’t do it.

Focus on the fun and you’ll learn way way more.