Re: Re: Lesson 3 Assignment Entry

Duncan Rawlinson

Wonderful photographs.

Your first shot with the slow shutter speed is particularly fantastic. You’ve done a great job of capturing the movement within the shot on the right objects while freezing the other elements of the photograph. Technically, as far as shutter speed is concerned it’s very well done. However, I want to bring two things to light.

It could be argued that the movement you captured should have been more precise. For example, the audience sees movement in the hair dresser’s head, hands, upper body and so on. Focusing in on one area (although very difficult) would have been ideal. For instance try focusing on the movement of the hairdressers hands and hair so it seems planned and not simply out of focus. This is not to say that a photograph should never have a fully out of focus person because this is not the case. However, in this case focusing in on the main element (hair cut / hands / and the process of getting a haircut) would have been ideal. Seeing the hair move, but the body stay sill. Seeing the hairdressers hands move but not her body… etc.

Secondly, pay close attention to background details. I know you don’t’ always have full control over these elements but try refocusing, changing your position or waiting for an ideal time to make sure you minimize amputation of distracting elements in the background (ie. Door frame, light switch, pictures and something is also on the right side of the picture which I’m not sure what it is). If you can’t get out distracting elements try changing your aperture setting to create a shallower depth of field.

The night shot is very good as well. It’s composed very clearly and you’ve done a great job of exposing it properly.

Overall great job on both shots!