Re: Re: Lesson 3 Movement & Depth

Duncan Rawlinson

Nice job here.

The most important thing I can highlight here is that you are having fun! What could be better than that?!

Also there isn’t much for me to add here because you’ve clearly understood that you know how to show motion in a photograph.

You’ve also clearly demonstrated your ability to shoot a photograph with shallow depth of field.

In other words you totally nailed the assignment and you can move onto the next.

Keep in mind your photos should not only meet the criteria of the assignments but also be interesting in their own right. In this case I’m referring to the photograph of the lenses. Yes it shows shallow depth of field but would you put that on your wall?

I guess the key is having fun, practicing hard, and also making images that meet the criteria of the assignments that are also good photographs in their own right.

Excellent work here.

I look forward to your next assignment.