Re: Re: lesson 4

Duncan Rawlinson

Hey Ahtsham

How are things going? I’m happy that you are progressing through the course and making good progress.

I’m glad you had the chance to play around with some filters here. It’s tough to see how effective some filters are in such low light. The main goal of this assignment is to get you to start practicing using filters and seeing what kind of effect they have.

One thing you can notice immediately is that you lose quite a bit of light maybe even a stop or two when you use certain filters so you have to compensate for that when shooting in manual. In fact if you take note of the loss in detail on your last two images you will see what I mean.

Now, since you have some experience with filters I would like you to re-shoot this assignment. This time I want you to shoot a before and after photograph of a window or glass and use your polarizing filter to remove the reflection. I also want you make the photograph an interesting image.

So that’s my challenge to you! 🙂