Re: Re: Lesson 4 by Annette

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Annette,

I’m glad you’ve taken the time to go ‘above and beyond’ on this assignment assignment and shoot a few different images.

You can really see the effect of your filters clearly.

To be perfectly honest the goal of this assignment is just to get you using and playing with filters so you can see their impact on your images.

There is really no right or wrong way to use them as you quickly delve in the arena of subjectiveness and taste.

You will surely agree that like most tools in photography things can be overdone. Filters can be overused in some instances. The “star” filter for example can totally ruin a photograph.

That said certain filters use in the right situtations can take a great photograph into outstanding territory.

It will take time for your to develop your own sense of when to use the various filters in your kit how much to use them.

The more you become familiar with them the more you will understand when and when not to use them.

It just takes practice.

It’s what you said, you’re not sure if you like your filter or not… This is exactly where you should be when you get into a new filter and learn it. Take your time and try to be objective. Most filters have a time and place…

Thanks for sending this in.

I’m excited to be helping you improve your work.