Re: Re: Lesson 4: Manipulate Reality: Film, Lenses, FIlters & More

Duncan Rawlinson

Hello and thank you for re-uploading this assignment.

This is a beautiful photograph! Lush environments, such as this one, actually photograph well with a high sun. It looks like the sun is coming in on a slight angle which helps create some beautiful texture, but the overhead nature of the light source also allows it to get through the foliage onto the tips of the bushes and trees.

Also, because you’re working within a monochromatic palette, tonal range becomes increasingly important to your composition. Your composition has great tonal range. You have vibrant whites in the tips of some of the trees and bushes and you have deep, rich blacks in the shadows of the foliage.

From a creative standpoint I also really like your top layer. You’ve used the hanging leaves to help create a short of frame within a frame. The textured leaves help create negative space which helps you simplify the “active” area of the composition. Essentially, it makes your composition focused towards the middle layer of the frame.

My only concern with the image is that your main object is centered giving the composition a formal sense of balance. It would have been interesting to see you experiment with the placement of this object a little more.

Secondly, your grey tones on different layers bleed into one another making it difficult to distinguish depth. It’s nice to try and find environments (especially busy environments like this one) where there are lighting differences between the different layers of the photograph. Because you have a bulk of grey tones, the image appears a little flat.

Other than that, I think you’ve done a great job with this assignment. It’s a beautiful shot!