Re: Re: Lesson 5

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work!

All three of these images accomplish exactly what was asked from you for this assignment. Your first image uses gradients of red, orange and black, your second uses a combination of blues, browns and oranges and the third image uses gradients of blue, green and white.

I like all of the images individually, and as I’ve stated they all accomplish what was asked from you. That being said, there are a few compositional ideas for you to consider and re-examine. For starters, the first image is incredibly interesting but I feel could be presented differently. I would love to see the focus being even more focused on the usually textures or colors of the ball. I think propping it up against a completely black background and then lowering your exposure to “crush” the blacks to help isolate your main light source would really add an interesting, dramatic element to this shot. Alternatively, you might way to consider moving in closer to capture the textures and patterns in the light source itself. My concern is that I find the floor and the subtleties of the background slightly distracting. They don’t help tell a story to me, and they are not very interesting objects even as secondary or contextual objects. I love the image, and I love how you’re already really playing around with lighting, but I would just like to see you play around with positioning a little more.

The only comment I have for your second image is to be careful of levelling your horizon line. It’s very common to have drooping horizon lines in large shots like this. Part of it could be based on landscape, but you’ll generally want to keep your horizon line straight. It’s not wrong, what you’ve done. I just want you to be aware of it in future photographs.

The last image is also great. The element of this photograph that I like most is how the tree trunk on the bottom right corner acts as a “leading line” guiding the viewer’s eye into the photograph. If anything, I would exaggerate this a bit more by moving closer to this object and make it look like your audience is standing is the scene by making that tree trunk a stronger foreground object.

Other that that. Great work! Can’t wait to see what you do next.