Re: Re: Lesson 5

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi there,

No worries about skipping lesson 4 for now. You can go back to it when you get your filters! 😉

For this lesson you have done exceptionally well with the process of simplification using color.

Your photos do this but here is another example that is more along the lines of what I mean:

photo by shandilee

I see that you understand the idea quite well so that’s great.

In your second photograph it appears as though you’ve cropped the image into an interesting composition.

Be careful not to cut too much of your main elements in your frame.

Also take notice of cropping images in unusual aspect ratios because making prints from non standard aspect ratios can often be a challenge.

Overall you’ve done well here. Don’t forget to keep color and simplicity in your mind when you’re shooting.

Is there anything you need help with in particular or something that is confusing you?

Let me know!

I’m here to help!

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