Re: Re: lesson 5

Duncan Rawlinson

This is a great shot. Wonderful use of analogous green colors to help create a calming, natural look. What I particularly love about this photograph is that you’ve managed to find a varying degree of tones. You have very dark darks in the background and very light lights in the highlights of the leaves. This leads me to believe that this would also make an interesting black and white photograph.

Most importantly though, is that your composition around your edges is much better than in your previous photographs. As you can see, you can still “cut off” objects (in this case the leaves), but it needs to be in an organized and non distracting manner. It can’t look unintentional.

Here you’ve done a great job of the composition from not only a color standpoint, but also an object positioning standpoint. On a similar note, you’ve chosen a great aperture setting for your depth of field and your exposure is great. I see a marked improvement in your photographic composition.

Great job!