Re: Re: lesson 5

Duncan Rawlinson

A perfect example of what this assignment asked for. You’ve done a great job of isolating your main object with the use of color and composition. You’ve used the earthy colors of brown and green to create a harmonious and gentle look to your photograph. You’ve also used small hints of blue-grey that are both in the decorative details of the butterfly as well as the sky. You’ve very successfully managed to tie all of the colors in this image together. Congratulations.

I only have two recommendations for this photograph. For starters, your front lighting really flattens the image. It allows us to see all of the objects in the image, but it strips the image of any texture. It looks as through you may have used your flash on this image. I would be curious to know how this image looked with softer, side lighting. I think it would have really helped draw out the details and textures in the image.

My second concern has to do with angles and balance. Your image is also flat because you’ve chosen to perfectly profile the butterfly. While this does look good and provides the best vantage point for seeing all of the design on the butterfly wings, it helps further exaggerate the already flat look to the image. Think about moving slightly off center to help add an angular element to the photograph and try putting the butterfly at one of the intersecting points of the rule of thirds and see what happens. It might help create more depth and three dimensionality to your shot. Other than that… great work!