Re: Re: Lesson 5 Assignment

Duncan Rawlinson

Hey Christopher!

I’m happy that you’re really doing well and progressing through the course.

Now for this assignment the idea is to “understand how to simplify a photograph using color as your primary element” and “see colors in your world and know how to separate them to create a visually appealing photograph.”

There is no doubt you’ve understand and accomplished the first part of this assignment. The color part. Overall the palette of your image is very simple and elegant. The only problem is that given that you chose to auto white balance with your Sony A100 the overall frame has a very yellowish white balance. In other words your camera chose an incorrect white balance and as a result the whole frame has is very yellow.

I’ve tweaked the white balance in this image and it now feels more real:

[attachment=0:2btmerrv]DSC04153 edited.JPG[/attachment:2btmerrv]

Do you see the difference?

Just be aware of your white balance and ideally set it manually.

Now the second part of this assignment is to create a visually appealing photograph. This photograph certainly has that but it’s missing something. Perhaps re-shoot this when the water is glass calm early in the morning or at magic hour. Also for this type of image shoot at a higher f-stop so that more of the image is in focus. You’ll notice the foreground and the background corners are slightly out of focus because this was shot at f6. Of course at higher fstops you’ll need to shoot slower shutter speeds assuming all else is equal…

Ask yourself, would you blow this up and put it up as a piece of art?

Overall you’ve done well here and I look forward to seeing what you shoot next.

Keep it up!