Re: Re: Lesson 5 Color

Duncan Rawlinson

Gorgeous photograph. You’ve done so many things right with this photograph. Let’s start by discussing those elements.

First of all, this assignment asked that you showcase your ability to coordinate and control the colors that make it within the 4 walls of your photograph. You’ve done a wonderful job with that. You’ve limited your color pallet to gradients within the hues of brown and blue. Very unique color combination to choose, but it works well.

The overall composition is very strong. You’ve incorporated the ideas taught in your previous lessons and you’ve moved them foreword into this assignment. Your composition is well organized, your image abides by the rule of thirds, your negative space is placed on the right side, you’ve incorporated a sense of depth and you’ve ensured the 4 walls of your photograph are clear of any distracting or unnecessary object. Your image is very focused and precise. It communicates your visual message very clearly.

My only concern with the photograph is the small amount of amputation on your primary object. You’ve cut off a just a sliver of the dog’s ear on the left hand side, part of the coconut on the right hand side and on the bottom as well. If you moved back just a few inches you would have be able to included all of that information. It’s only distracting because you’ve cut off just the smallest slivers of information, which makes it look accidental.

Just be very careful of your 4 walls. You were almost perfect with this shot, it’s just those small amputated bits that I find a bit distracting. Other than that, you have a great photograph on your hands. Congratulations.