Duncan Rawlinson

Arguably, your best shot yet. Your composition in this photograph is remarkable. You have amputated the right and left wall and remarkably opportune times. You’ve included everything in this picture from the top and bottom frame and nothing is amputated there. You’ve given weight to your bridge by including the reflection of the towers and bridge which essentially doubles its weight and importance in this photograph.

Your usual signatures are there as well (i.e. great color control, great use of lines and balance, good choice of exposure and great framing.

I only have 1 recommendation and 1 critique of this shot. I’ll start with my recommendation. I feel the shot’s horizon is a little too centered. I understand you needed to ensure you didn’t amputate the reflection but I feel you might have wanted to experiment putting the horizon line a little higher up so you don’t have it located dead in the center. You have some room in the sky to move the photograph so I would have liked to see how that looked. That being said, the shot also looks great with it’s symmetrical placement so it’s not a criticism, I just wanted to make sure you were aware that you placed your horizon line in the dead center.

My only criticism is that the focus is every so slightly off. When I enlarge your photograph I was looking for the space that was in perfect focus but I couldn’t find it. When the picture is smaller, it looks fine, but the lack of crystal clear focus when I enlarge it becomes slightly more apparent. This is such a small detail and not many people would even notice it, but correcting these small details will make you into a great photographer, and that’s why I bring them up.

My guess, is that you had your camera’s focus on auto and your camera made the compromise of getting the best shot it could considering it’s not a human. You might have also possibly thought you got it perfect but you were a few feet off in your focus setting (try using the “expanded focus” feature if you have that to double check the crispness of your shots). Another possibility might be because you didn’t use a tripod ad the smallest movement slightly (very slightly) blurred the objects. Again, it’s barely noticeable, but you’ll see for yourself that the bridge is’ not perfectly crisp.

That being said, this is a great shot. Beautiful!