Re: Re: Lesson #5: Organizing Color – Color and Color Theory

Duncan Rawlinson

Fantastic assignment. For this assignment you were asked to compose an image with special attention being played to the colors used, the ways the various colors interact with one another as well as special attention to color simplicity of your color palette. The idea was to get you thinking about photography like painters think about their canvases. You’ve done a wonderful job showcasing your ability to choose a harmonious and simple color palette. Great job.

Beyond the use of great colors, your composition is also very strong. Your primary photographic element is the use of lines. These lines help guide the viewer’s eyes through the photograph and the sky acts as “negative space’ or “dead space” which allows you to further isolate the importance and shapes of the lines.

Due to the strong use of diagonal lines you’ve effectively created triangular shapes with interaction amongst the lines of the photograph.

Triangular shapes are often considered the most dramatic shapes to use in photography. It gives the composition a feel of movement and action where straight lines are often more calm and static.

I also like how you’re experimenting with perspective. Rather than shooting at eye level across the horizon, you’re pointing your camera upwards giving a completely new perspective. It’s one of the easiest things to change as a photographer, but for some reason photographers forget to experiment with changing their perspective. Great work!