Re: Re: Lesson 5: Organizing color: Color & Color Theory

Duncan Rawlinson

“story” is something that will come in time. For now, focus on the technical elements to the craft. It’s better to start out as a strong technical photographer and embed “story” within strong compositions, rather than starting out with your focus on story, but not knowing how to add production value to the image which would help your audience relate.

Photography, like film, is a visual medium of story telling. Similarly, photography, like film, can also be void of story and simply consist of a series of “pretty” photographic images. However, what I think will keep you interested in the craft will be be attach an element of commentary to your images. Since you can’t use movement or sound, you need to communicate with emotion and mood.

Over time you will likely become interested in embedding a sort of visual commentary in your photographs. This may manifest itself in different ways. You might be interested in different issues ranging from social, political, economic, family, city, experience, teaching, deforestation, poverty, wealth, desperation etc etc. The list goes on.

Before you tackle that, it’s best to focus on technique first, story second.