Re: Re: Lesson 5 – Simply Colours

Duncan Rawlinson

What a great shot!

I love the use of strongly saturated complementary colors. This is a very high contrast photograph with lots of texture. The contrast and texture in the grass help ensure the grass doesn’t just act as “dead space”, but instead highly textured “negative space”. This helps you simplify the image but while ensuring you don’t over-simplify it. Great work.

Your object placement is also very well thought out and abides nicely to the rule of thirds.

Generally, images that are layered in one field of depth are seen as flat or boring. They often lack a sense of depth and three dimensionality. However, because your image has so much texture (due to your great use of natural light), the same is not true for your image. While it is true that all of your objects are placed in one layer and your composition lacks depth, the flatness of your image becomes a statement. It doesn’t look lazy or accidental. It looks like a purposeful creative choice.

I look forward to seeing your next submission. Great work on this color simplicity assignment!