Re: Re: Lesson 6

Duncan Rawlinson


This photograph is quite similar to your photograph submitted for your 5th lesson, but I feel this image has much cleaner design elements.

Some of the biggest differences I see between the photographs are:

In your previous photograph (for assignment 5) the sky was virtually one tone. There was no texture or color gradient. However, in this image your sky has breaks in the clouds which helps give the sky texture and life (which isn’t the case in your previous photograph)

Secondly, you’ve incorporated a strong sense of atmosphere. This is one of my favorite photographic elements so I’m a little biased, but I love the magic and beauty of fog, smoke, dust etc. I see a lot of atmosphere in the middle-ground and background of your photograph. Great work.

I’m also much happier with the amputation points on the bottom wall of this photograph. In your last photograph I mentioned I thought the bottom wall amputation was a little awkward. However, I don’t feel the same about your new assignment. The 4 walls of your photograph are clear of distracting amputations and when you have needed to “cut” something you’ve done so at a great cutting point.

This photograph also has a slightly stronger sense of depth. You’re last photograph had depth as well, but this photograph has a much deeper background which helps make it appear even more three dimensional than your last photograph. One way isn’t right over the other, but I like seeing (and it’s important to analyze) the differences between these two photographs.

Lastly, and possibly most obviously is your slightly different color palette. You were still working with a snowy color palette. However, this time, instead of using “red / brown” as your color highlight you chose to use a more monochromatic color palette which gives the image a softer, more gentle feel. Your last image is slightly more dramatic while this image is slightly more harmonious. Again, one way isn’t right over the other. It all depends on the story you’re trying to tell. In this case I think the monochromatic color palette worked very well.

Overall, great work. This is your strongest assignment yet.

Looking forward to seeing your next assignments!