Re: Re: Lesson 6

Duncan Rawlinson

Great shot! I love the lighting in this photograph. It´s really spectacular.

You´re right that the lines form very interesting patterns in this photograph and provide a nice feature to the overall design of your photograph. Most interesting however, is the varied use of lines in this photograph. Some of the lines are horizontal and others are vertical. Not only that, but you have many different directions of the lines because of all of the angle changes in the walls on the church.

If I´m not mistaken, you ask the question as to where the lines are leading the eye. That´s interesting, if this is in fact a church, the lines could be leading the viewer´s eyes to God´s door. That´s a very interesting take on this photograph.

Like I mentioned above, the lighting in this photograph is wonderful. It´s soft and there are no harsh shadows that are hiding any area of the picture. Everything is exposed very well meaning that you must have taken this under the perfect lighting conditions. Otherwise it would have been hard to expose the doorway properly since it´s embedded in the wall by a couple of feet.

On a similar note, your composition is very well done. You´ve minimized the colors that came into your photograph and you have very clear primary and secondary elements. The door is also placed off center to help the photograph abide by the rule of thirds. Overall, the photograph is very well done.

The only thing I want you to keep an eye out for is small details. There are a couple of leaves near the bottom center and the bottom left of the frame that could either be included more in the picture or taken out completely. I think maybe including more of them would be a good idea. Otherwise they look a bit accidental.

Other than that… Great job!