Re: Re: Lesson 6 Assignment

Duncan Rawlinson

Wonderful work with this assignment. This is exactly what we wanted you to accomplish with this assignment. We wanted you to identify design features that you like and incorporate them into a photograph which uses a larger amount of geographic space.

It’s easy (or at least easier) to incorporated texture, color, line, pattern and depth into a macro photograph but it requires a more trained eye to find those design features in larger environments. It requires even more skill to compose a strong image once you’ve identified the design element.

I really like both images. You’ve done a great job both creatively and technically with this assignment. However, I want to start out with 1 recommendation while it’s fresh in my mind. Don’t hesitate to play with perspective. Both of your photographs are taken at eye level. This is great in many cases, but it’s also not very experimental and it’s not always the best position to take a landscape photograph from.

For example, in your first shot, the snow in the foreground could have been exaggerated if you moved your camera closer to the ground. This would have given the snow an even more pronounced presence and it would have given your photograph a stronger sense of depth.

For example look at the following photograph:

See how the low perspective gives the image a strong sense of depth and 3 dimensionality by exaggerating the foreground?

What you’ve done isn’t wrong. In fact, I like what you’ve done very much. I just want to see you experiment with perspective as well because it’s the easiest design element to change (i.e. all you need to do is crouch down or raise your hands).

Great work!