Re: Re: Lesson 6 – Basic Composition

Duncan Rawlinson

Oh ok.

Normally I don’t let students do assignments they’ve completed again but this is ok. If you can imagine if everyone starts doing this there will be a flood of assignments…

Now for a quick critique.

Lesson six is all about simplifying your world. That means including only elements that add value to your frame and excluding everything else.

In both of your images you’ve done exactly that. There are no extraneous elements that do not add value.

Your first image is stronger than your second and the color, composition, and subject matter are all quite excellent.

Your second image is simple from a compositional standpoint but it’s not very strong from a technical aspect.

If you have your camera set to automatically meter and expose your images it will try it’s best to average out the exposure (depending on the mode its on).

In this case it looks like the camera is trying to expose for the background.

Try to play around with setting your camera manually.

Also, take a look at these beach silhouette photos for some inspiration.

You’ll want to keep the concepts of this lesson in mind when you should. Exclude stuff that doesn’t add value!

If you want to keep working on this particular assignment you can resubmit more photos if you want.

Just don’t tell the other students 😉

Thanks Fred!!!