Re: Re: Lesson 6: Basic Composition

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Tom,

These photos both meet the criteria of this assignment. However neither of them really have any punch or pop. There is nothing particularly interesting about them.

You have a problem here… You submitted some really nice images previously. What that means is I now expect better results from you going forward 😉

Now, I appreciate your use of the S-curve but you have to consider why you use something like this? I like that you saw an s curve in your world and photographed it but why? You should always try to use your techniques and your knowledge to enhance your images, not just for the sake of using them.

It’s always hard to establish a positive tone on this forum sometimes so I don’t want you to take this badly.

What this means is that you need to go to the next level. It’s not enough to shoot the fundamentals anymore!

Your image of the brook/waterfall is lovely and the fact that you shot this handheld is excellent. Going back with an ND filter and tripod wouldn’t hurt though.

On a compositional level both of these images are fine. But there is nothing exceptional about them.

These two photograph use the similar elements, just differently to create images with that special something.

photo by powi

photo by ian sane

Nice job here and I look forward to seeing your next work.