Re: Re: Lesson 6: Basic Photography Composition


@teacher wrote:

A work of art! This is your best photograph submitted yet. It blew me away when I took my first look at it. Everything is spectacular about this photograph. Let me begin by pointing out some of the highlights of the picture in point form (because there are so many)

1. Your lopsided tonal balance adds a very dramatic high key feel to the photograph
2. You´ve managed to capture the widest tonal range possible. This is a spectacular black and white photograph
3. You´ve pulled your main object out from the background and isolated him using the ideal depth of field.
4. The use of the shapes in the umbrella gives the viewer an interesting secondary object to explore. It also helps set the overall mood of the photograph and gives the photograph some context.
5. The un-posed facial expression of your main object is delightful
6. The lighting and subsequent texture in the man´s face is nothing short of breathtaking.

What a spectacular photograph. I´m really impressed with this one. Great job.

Wow, Thank you very much on all the compliments of the photograph. I love this picture as well…I look forward to the next lesson.