Re: Re: Lesson 6: Composition

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work!

What I love about this image is that you’ve found such a large space and you’ve successfully simplified it using negative space, strong use of lines, limited objects and a strong yet simplified color palette. Great work!

I have 1 concern and 1 recommendation with this image. My concern is that the boat really helps you tell a story beyond “look at the beautiful sunset”. However, I find the boat blends into the trees. In fact, when the image was small I didn’t even see the boat, so it doesn’t’ jump off the page as being the main story of the image. However, once you find the boat, it becomes a main part of the composition, but it’s not distinct enough. This has to do with both its small size, the fact that it’s not better lit than any of the other objects and the fact that it’s not part of the foreground. All of these things usually work to help isolate your main object.

1 thing I do love about the boat however, is that it fits nicely within the layer of trees behind it. This is both a blessing and a curse. Without the trees,, the boat would establish its presence on the page because its sail would fly past the horizon. This would immediately draw out eyes to the boat. However, the sail is hidden in the trees so there are no dramatic shape differences in that area.

My recommendation to you is to get your camera closer to the water. By doing this you’ll be creating a stronger sense of depth.

Look at the following images and how they are slightly closer to the water:


Notice how that helps create a stronger sense of depth?

Other than that great work! I look forward to seeing your next assignments.