Re: Re: Lesson 6 – Wyckoff

Duncan Rawlinson

Hi Kirk,

You’ve certainly proven that you know how to shoot an uncluttered frame but keep in mind it’s not that hard to simplify a scene that is already inherently simple.

This is a bit complicated to explain but taking something chaotic and add some semblance of simplicity to it is one of the keys to good photography.

The world is a messy and frantic place. There is so much visual information that our brains throw away and disregard most of it as non essential. Ideally you can duplicate that automatic process in your work too. By composing your frame and using certain photographic techniques you can isolate the essential elements and disregard others.

Reducing complexity is very difficult in chaotic environments. For example this is a lovely image of a very busy city environment and yet the photographer has used a variety of techniques to make a pleasing a simpler image:

photo by VinothChandar

Your images are quite nice and you’ve done well to create simple frames. Although I would challenge you to simplify a more chaotic environment if you really want to grasp the full meaning of this lesson!

Nice job Kirk!