Re: Re: Lesson 7

Duncan Rawlinson

Wow! Beautiful compositions!

From a technical standpoint you’ve done many things right with this composition. For starters, your image abides by the rule of thirds. Not only that, but your image is also dramatically weighted to the right. The colors are darker and the cliff is more of a pronounced object that the water. This has further helped add a sense of drama to the composition.

Your horizon line is straight which is often overlooked with larger landscapes such as this one. Great work.

Your color palette for this image is also very beautiful. Beyond that, the atmosphere is breathtaking. The air seems moist which slightly tints all of the colors in your composition making the image naturally less saturated. The lighting and atmosphere work together to create a very soft and gentle image.

You’ve also managed to work in a foreground object. Good job.

Your second image is also very interesting but very different than your first image.

You’ve used the sun’s rays to help create patterns on the land. The shadows of the clouds are in fact, more pronounced than the clouds themselves.

Again, in this image you’ve worked with a limited color palette which has helped you organize such a large geographic space.

My only concern with this image (and it could be a limitation of your camera) is that it appears a little “noisy”. I mean this not to mean cluttered, but the image seems have the digital equivalent of film “grain”.

Remember, to use as low of an ISO setting (i.e. 50 or 100) when possible during hours of good natural lighting. Lower ISO speeds will allow you to capture the crispest possible image.

Other than that… great work!