Re: Re: lesson 7

Duncan Rawlinson


You’ve managed to capture the different types of lighting conditions in these photographs. Your first photograph is obviously taken under cloudy conditions and therefore you’ve captured a scene with very soft lighting.

Your second photograph is full of big dark shadows which communicates to your viewers that you took this photograph in hard lighting conditions.

That being said, the composition of both of these images are untidy. There is very little rhythm or organization in either photograph. Out of all of your photographs taken so far these two photographs are your most unorganized and chaotic.

The element that is most apparent is the amputation along the walls of the photograph. You’ve cut off parts of cars, houses and digitized words. This is very distracting to the eye. However, this fault wasn’t apparent in your previous photographs. In fact, you’ve managed to capture complex photographs with great composition and great care around the 4 walls of your photograph.

For your next assignment be incredibly careful around the 4 walls of your photograph and be careful with the overall composition, placement of objects and message of the photograph.

I look forward to seeing your next assignment!