Re: Re: lesson 7

Duncan Rawlinson

Very good assignment! It’s a pleasure looking at your work. As this assignment called for you were supposed to show your understanding of the difference between hard and soft lighting. For the most part, you’ve done that, but there may be some confusion around soft lighting so I want to discuss that for a moment. Both photographs could be used as an example of either hard or soft lighting. For example the photograph of the young boy looks as through it was taken indoors under artificial lighting conditions. The lighting may have been a combination of both lamps and overhead lighting. Either way, the lighting even though it may be diffused still seems quite hard and directional.

In your second photograph however, the lighting is being diffused through the trees and therefore most the area is shaded creating a soft lighting environment. However, the leaves are not equally distributed which allows some of the direct sunlight to shine through which creates hard lighting patterns. And since some of these harsh directional “spotlights” are hitting both of your subjects and the donkey, this picture also couldn’t be considered to be completely soft.

Soft lighting is fairly equally distributed and smooth with no harsh glares and often soft shadows. Hard lighting on the other hand is often noticeable because there are harsh glares and the impact of the lighting is much more directional and strong.

That being said, the composition, especially in your second photograph with the donkey is great. You’ve used lines (the trail) the rule of thirds (the positioning of the horizon) and great color control!

Great work! Just watch those hard shadows.