Re: Re: Lesson 7

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work.

Both photograph really showcase the difference in hard and soft lighting. Your soft lighting photograph is great in both its lighting and composition. However, although your hard lighting photograph shows your understanding of that type of lighting, it really doesn’t enhance the portrait format. The shadows under the eyes of the man as well as on his forehead, cheeks, chin and especially under his neck (including on his shirt) are too abrasive and rough.

However, I do like how you’ve shown these two images side by side, because they take roughly the same setting and composition and show the difference that lighting makes.

The only other recommendation I would make is to experiment with your framing. It’s more common in medium close ups to include less negative space above your subjects head. Try bringing the top of the frame down a little to just above your subjects head. Alternatively it’s also common practice to “amputate” or “cut off” a small potion of the top of the head (just as you’ve done with your subject’s shoulders). For example see this photograph:

I hope this helps!