Re: Re: lesson 7

Duncan Rawlinson


Yes, you’re right. The images are a little too noisy. Not only that, but you do have soft focus in both because of unpredictable movement by your subject. It’s a tricky balance of ISO, shutter and aperture to achieve the desired look and you’re well on your way to getting there, but these technical glitches will greatly limit your creativity. A tripod is a wonderful investment!

As you progress as a photographer you’ll want to start enlarging your images. Notice when you enlarge your first image how slight movement in your subject caused blurring (especially noticeable in her face)?

What I’m really happy about seeing in this image is your bravery with design and composition. I feel like your on the cusp of the next level of photography, but you just need to correct the small technical details first.

For instance, here are a few small changes I would make to your first image.

1. There is too much dead space above your subject’ head. Consider moving in closer. We also get better access to your subject’s eyes this way.

2. The creases in the blanket behind the subject look unintentional (like the blanket was folded).

3. Experiment with lighting your foreground and your background differently. What about making your foreground object 1 stop lighter than your background? What about using overhead lighting for your background and side lighting for your foreground? Experiment with these ideas.

4. As mentioned above, focus, ISO and object movement all need to be controlled

That all being said your colors are great, your perspective is great, your generally composition is great and the facial expressions and gestures in your subject are great. There is so much potential here. I just want to make sure you’re always striving to see the small details. If you ever think “that could be a bit better”, then don’t stop until you’ve fixed the issue.

Great work. I’m really enjoying seeing your progress!