Re: Re: Lesson 7

Duncan Rawlinson

Great work with this series of images.

All of your images are very different both in their composition and in their use of lighting. Your first image for instance uses hard direction day light which casts dark shadows essentially increasing the “weight” or importance of the object being shadowed. This technique also helps exaggerate the sense of pattern. Notice how the parallel lines in the bench are reflected in the shadow as well. This image is very rich with lines. There are the lines of the bench, the lines of the garbage can, the lines of the fence and the lines of the parking lot in the background. Essentially this image’s focus is on line and you’ve used lighting to enhance this.

Your second image is quite impressive as well. What I love most about this image is that there is still detail in your foreground silhouette. I also love the reflection of the sky in the roofs. You have a great point of view for this shot.

Your last image is my favorite because I love gritty images and I love when photographers work with the green in florescent lighting. That being said, I would correct a couple of issues with this composition. I’m not sure I follow the amputation on the right side of the image. The sink (?) is amputated by the right wall of the image. Similarly the left wall is angled because you’re pointing down. What if you were to get lower to the ground so you could keep the line of that wall straight? Also there seems to be a lot of texture in the well used chairs in the foreground. Is there anyway to make that more prominent?

Overall, great work on these images!