Re: Re: Lesson 7 -Lighting

Duncan Rawlinson

Great assignment.

It brings me such joy to see a student start to realize how important lighting is. It’s beyond debate that it’s the most important area of photography. Without light there would be no photography. But it’s great to see it “click” with photographers.

I don’t think I’ve shown you these online tutorials yet. Although they are directed towards filmmakers, the principles apply to photographers as well. Please watch both short videos. You’ll learn so much.

Basic lighting + examples

Lighting: Color temperature

Both of your images accomplish exactly what was asked from you for this assignment. In fact, both images go above and beyond what was asked from you. You’ve incorporated the technical and artistic elements from previous lessons into this assignment as well. You’ve incorporated the elements of object simplicity, texture (especially in the shoes), color control, strong composition, depth, non distracting photography edges and so on.

My only recommendation for this shot would be to be careful when taking low key photographs (such as your short with the guitar). I notice subtle “noise” in the image. It’s not that noticeable until I blow it up, but it’s noticeable nonetheless.

It’s often unavoidable, but if you have a tripod use that as well as try using a lower ISO number. The lower the ISO is the less “noise” you’ll notice in your final image. That being said, low light situations often call for a higher ISO, so it might not be possible, but it’s worth trying out. (just use a tripod and use a slightly slower shutter speed).

Other than that… great images!