Re: Re: Lesson 8

Duncan Rawlinson

Great photograph. This is undoubtedly another one of your strongest photographs so far. You’re doing many things right. You’re focusing your composition on 1 object and creating strong secondary elements. For example, the bird is the main object in this photograph. You’ve ensured the bird stands out by creating a “frame within a frame” and placing the bird in the center of those shapes, you’ve also isolate the bird from the background by using a shallow depth of field.

Your secondary elements however, add greatly to the overall compositional quality of your photograph. They not only provide context but also help enhance the story and tone of your image. They provide shape, texture and strong colors that fit well with the rest of your images composition. These secondary elements don’t look accidental. It appears as though you are carefully planning our your shot. Not just your main object, but the secondary objects as well.

My only recommendation is that I would like to see you play with depth a little more. In most of your photograph you are usually playing around with a middle ground and a background, but you’ve rarely ventured to play with strong foreground objects. You’ve had the opportunity to use foregrounds, but haven’t found the right use for them yet. What you’ve done isn’t wrong, but I would like to see you experiment with depth more by using all three (foreground, middle ground and backgrounds). I think you’ll be surprised with the result.