Re: Re: lesson 8

Duncan Rawlinson

Great photographs.

Both are spectacular but I liked the complexity and added texture that a human adds to the composition.

It’s an absolutely beautiful image. I know these things are subjective, but this is, in my opinion, your strongest image yet.

Where to start? Let’s talk about the technical components first. For starters, your image abides by the rule of thirds. The horizon line and the placement of the setting sun give the image an informal balance and keep the composition engaging and dramatic. Similarly, you’ve included a foreground object, the water acts as a middle-ground and the mountains as a background. These layers give your image an important sense of depth and allow the audience to feel like they are watching this scene from behind.

One other thing that I really loved was the interaction between your layers. I’m not sure if this was intentional or not, but did you notice how the top of the woman’s skirt fallows the top of the water line perfectly?

You’ve also completely blown out the whites of the sun, but in this case it’s unavoidable and actually adds to the composition of the photograph. The natural solar flare that is created is beautiful. The slighting also helps decrease the contrast of the foreground because it slightly tints the image which gives it a bit of a washed out, dreamy look.

Great work!