Re: Re: Lesson 8

Duncan Rawlinson

You’ve done a wonderful job with this assignment. With this assignment we wanted to see you transform a relatively large geographic space into a well organized composition. You’ve done a great job of organizing this space.
You’ve simplified the frame by limiting both the objects that made it in the composition as well as the colors that make up the image. You’ve used a color palette of blue and orange (complimentary colors) with grey highlights.

Most impressively however, is your use of lines in this composition. You’ve used strong diagonal lines to help create triangular shapes which has helped you create a dramatic and sharp image.

You’ve also done a great job of using negative space to help draw your viewer’s eye to towards the areas of most importance (i.e. the bridge).

The only thing I would consider changing with this composition is the framing of the foreground. What you’ve done isn’t wrong and it’s impossible for me to know what your limitations were with this shot (i.e. maybe you were in traffic, or there might have been an ugly building to the left), but I’m curious to see more of the foreground part of the bridge to the left of the composition. Your amputation on that side isn’t awkward. In fact, if you needed to amputated it there, I think it’s well placed. But if it was possible to get the entire front of the bridge in, then I think that would have strengthened your shot.

Other than that, great work on this assignment!